Top 10 albums of 2017, No 6: Beth Ditto – Fake sugar


Here it is people! 2017 is almost out the door and these are our 10 favorite albums of the year:

06. Beth Ditto – Fake sugar

When I first heard that former Gossip singer, Beth Ditto, was releasing her first solo album, honestly I didn’t know what to expect. I always understand the need for change and for things to move on but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is easy for me to face it. When I like something, I really like it. Why mess with something that works? Sure there is a chance that it will get even better, but is it worth the risk?

So, over the years I have grown a fear for artists going solo and Beth Ditto’s first solo work was no exception. I really liked Gossip and I was a bit afraid that my weirdness would cloud my judgment.

Thankfully it only took about the first 10 seconds of «Fake sugar» (when there is a song with the same title as the album I always hear that song first – it’s like an OCD) for the clouds to disappear. And just like that, I was free. Beth Ditto wad just risen victorious over my weird fears of change and new things!

And, yes, as you can probably imagine by the fact that this is No 6 of our Top 10 albums of the year list, I have only good things to say about this album. Musically it is even poppier than the last Gossip work. Gone are the garage punk guitar moments. Instead there is an even clearer than before flirtation with soul and disco tunes that works perfectly with the southern vibe on many songs (especially on «Fake sugar» and «Savoir Faire»). At the same time, Beth Ditto delivers another great vocal performance -as expected- that moves between the same lines as in Gossip (obviously, since it’s the same person singing), but it is crystal clear that this show is hers and hers only.